Thursday, May 17, 2012

Worldwide Christian Scuba Divers Organization

Dive Micronesia Today
An interesting group I met at the Long Beach Scuba Show in California this past May was the Worldwide Christian Scuba Divers Organization. What drew me to their booth was their "Jesus is the Regulator of My Life" t-shirt. It caught me off guard to see something like that in a scuba diving t shirt and at a diving I had to go visit the booth and find out more about it.  I had no idea something like this existed: Jesus scuba diving t- shirts and scuba diving missions!!  After reading their information I would like to share it with you, as so many of my Christian scuba diving friends came to mind.

As a fellow scuba diver and Christian I found it very exciting that an organization like this exists.

Scuba Diving
"Again and again do we get overwhelmed by the beauty and mystery of the underwater world.  It is absolutely breathtaking.  There are thousand of fish of every shape, size and color.  Just when you think you have seen the most beautiful creation, here comes another one.  It is endless.  For the Sea is His, and He made it: And it is hands formed the dry land". Psalms 95:5.   It is humbling to know that God was the one who created the oceans. Our goals is to experience God thought the underwater adventures. It is exhilarating even worshipful to be immersed in a God made world normally beyond our reach".

Worldwide Christian Scuba Divers
Dive Micronesia Today
"W.C.S.D.O is passionate about working with people, especially with those who are in great need. We are organizing mission trips to help those people in need.  Everybody has a unique individual calling. W.C.S.D.O wants to combine those callings and talents to restore, rebuild, enlighten and excited a world that is devoid of joy, salvation, kindness, future and hope.  We want to bring a message of God's love and His promises to people in desperate need. It is our joy to live out the gifts of the Holy Spirit. (1 Cor.12:4-11). It is our goal to empower and rebuild poor communities and to lift them out of poverty".

Local Chapters
"The local chapter division of our ministry is to serve others in our communities. In the Bible it tells us to go out into the world to reach others with the Good News of the Gospel, yet we sometimes mistake that as ONLY going to "other"parts of the world. This is why we established local chapters".  For more information on this W.C.S.D.O visit:
Or visit them on their Facebook page.