Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Scuba Cut Dive Report

Scuba Cut, Guam
By: Neil Ruggiero and Charlene Hitosis

Guam’s can’t miss Dive
Scuba Cut is a dive I would do every weekend if I could; it is truly the, "can't miss" dive on Guam. 
Unfortunately, you can only dive this site a few weeks per year because of its isolated location in the often rough waters on the windward side of Guam, but when you to get to dive Scuba Cut you are rewarded with a dive that is more reminiscent of Palau and waters further south then compared to its northern neighbor in Guam.

From the moment we descended I knew that Scuba Cut was different from the plethora of other dives my dive buddy and I had done on Guam. The colors are sharper, the coral prettier, the reef is brighter and the fish are bigger. The topography of the dive was also memorizing. With its steep walls and canyon like coral formations Mother Ocean is at her finest at Scuba Cut.