Thursday, January 19, 2012

Double Reef, Guam

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Double Reef, Guam
Depth 60 - 100 Feet
GPS: 13.35.7N, 144.491E

Two large sands flats divided by a rubble path or channel.
Western Side has a large rock in the middle named Clown fish Rock. See a variety of clown fish and anemones. The sand reef flat surrounding the rock you may find garden eels and assorted smaller reef fish.

The second large sand flat has a rock with anemones and fish but is not as large.  Explore the sand flats then head towards the breaking waves. In this 10 feet of water you are sure to see the diversity of coral, invertebrates and fish that Guam has to offer.

Small crabs, starfish and many different species of reef fish fan be seen on this Guam dive site. For more information on how to book a dive: Contact Blue Persuasion or Guam Tropical Dive Station.