Monday, December 26, 2011

Garapan Street Market

In Saipan this week? Don't miss the exciting Garapan Street Market.

Thu - Dec 29 Garapan Street Market 5:00 PM-9:00 PM At the Paseo De Marianas (Coral Tree Avenue). This use to be the main though-fare for Saipan, Paseo de Marianas is now turned in to a pedestrain only area with restaurants, shops, ice creams parlor and spas. Admission to the Garapan Street Market is free to the general public. Try local foods, buy handicrafts and be entertained by local music and dance.  Garapan Market is located in front of the Fiesta Saipan Resort and Saipan Hyatt Resort.  

Be sure to stop by the  Saipan Hyatt booth and try some of the chef's specials that are offered at their brunch and dinner menus. If you are bit daring you can try smoked pigs ear along with assorted chicken on a stick, octopus, squid and misc items wrapped in banana leaves both grilled and smoked.  Most food items are sold for $1. You may also get assorted soft drinks and beers.  There are many booths with assorted jewelry, local art and souvenir t-shirts.  

Garapan Street Markets run every Thursday night and are sure to add some flavor to your Saipan Vacation.